NODERN, a name derived from the fusion of Nordic and Modern design influences. Representing a significant departure from our previous offerings, this product line is a fresh addition to Novel's portfolio.

Our designers have skillfully experimented with lines, colors, and natural hardwood to capture the essence of Nordic aesthetics. This marks a major shift for us, as we strive to meet the changing preferences of our customers. The unveiling of this product line launch at Spring 2023.

Each piece is a character in a story that keeps evolving, inviting you to be part of the next chapter in the world of comfortable, stylish living. Experience two exclusive showcases annually, each a testament to our collection.


Incorporating the essence of Nordic aesthetics, the release features European hardwood made from exquisite beech wood, lending an air of sophistication to the overall design. The choice of color further enhances the exclusive feel of the product.

  • Nature's Touch

    Step into the world of Nordic elegance with our exceptional collection of furniture, meticulously crafted from walnut, beech, and rubberwood.

  • Simplicity Shines

    The allure of simplicity in NODERN's furniture create a tasteful and exclusive aesthetic that will elevate any space.

  • Light and Airy

    The color palette brings a refreshing touch, making the pieces appear bright and inviting. The overall vibe is calm and tranquil.

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