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Majestic 3 Sliding Doors Wardrobe

Majestic 3 Sliding Doors Wardrobe


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  • Engineered Wood

Material Type:

  • Medium Density Fibreboard

Material Finishing:

  • Pigment High Gloss

Good to know


W:2772 mmx D:630 mm x H:2355 mm

Number of Doors:


  • With Sliding Door
  • With Mirror Door
  • With Clothes Rail

Made In:

  • Malaysia


The warranty for the Majestic 3 Sliding Doors Wardrobe is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Coverage: Manufacturing Defects and Structural Integrity

Exclusions: Damage Due to Misuse, Normal Wear and Tear, and External Causes.


Assembly Required: Yes

Care Guide

Proper care and maintenance are crucial to preserve the beauty and functionality of Majestic 3 Sliding Doors Wardrobe. Here's a care guide to help you keep your casegoods in excellent condition:

Dust Regularly: Dust the casegoods regularly using a soft, lint-free cloth or a microfiber duster. This prevents the buildup of dust and debris that can scratch the surface over time.

Handle with Care: When moving or rearranging casegoods, lift them carefully to prevent scratches or damage to the furniture and flooring.

Maintain Humidity Levels: Keep the room's humidity levels consistent to prevent the wood from expanding or contracting excessively, which can lead to warping.

Keep Away from Radiators and Heating Vents: Avoid placing casegoods close to heating vents or radiators, as the dry, hot air can cause the wood to dry out and crack.

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